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  You may get along well with your boss but there will always be that specific instance where you want to say more than you should. Here are ten things that you should not say to your boss.


  1 In a minute Sometimes you'll get called into the boss' office just as you're about to do something that you've been waiting to do. Bosses don't often view our personal wants as an important factor to the job, so when your boss calls you in to see them, it's not good to say you'll be there in a minute.
  1 等一会

  2 Ooh, ugly tie There may be times that your boss wears the ugliest tie on earth but it is not your place to tell them. They are aware how they dress and maybe the tie was a gift that they couldn't say no to wearing. Or maybe they just have bad taste, but that is their privilege.
  2 哦,难看的领带

  3 I hit your car Yes, it could happen that you bumped your boss' car in the parking lot. It's only right that you tell them what you did but it's still not the greatest thing to tell your boss.
  3 我把你的车撞了

  4 Who's the guy I saw your wife with at the bar last night? This is one of those things that you really don't want to get involved with. If you tell your boss and then his wife proves you wrong, that could be the beginning of the end for you.
  4 昨天晚上在酒吧里和你太太在一起的那个男的是谁啊?

  5 You're late Being late has come to be one of those privileges that may inconvenience you but is their seniority right. Telling them they are late could be seen as undermining their position over you.
  5 你迟到了

  6 No If the boss comes to you with a project to do, it's not always in your best interest to refuse to do it. You could suggest someone else do it or declare how busy you already are, but to say no might not be appreciated.
  6 不行

  7 How much do you make a year? We all would love to know the truth about that one, and maybe some boss' are free to discuss it. But generally, it's a big no, no.
  7 你一年挣多少钱啊?

  8 Can I have another raise? Most companies have a set program for raises and you need to understand that plan so that you don't look foolish and ask for a raise out of turn. If you feel you're entitled then make sure you do a bit of research and find out the best time to ask.
  8 能不能再给我涨一次工资?

  9 You don't know that? Most bosses like to feel that they know everything, although you and the rest of the office may differ in opinion on that issue. Try beginning your sentence with, “You probably already know this ”. This shows your boss that you respect their intelligence, even though you know better.
  9 你不知道那个?

  10 Oops, I forgot. And we do get so busy that we can't remember everything, but some things may not be well received when we say that. So, instead of saying you forgot, try, “I”m on it but I haven't got through to them yet'. It's like saying the glass is half full instead of half empty. They mean the same; one just sounds better.
  10 啊!我忘记了。






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