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  calculate  计算,推算  calculate the distance between New York and Chicago
  capture  俘虏,捕获  capture butterflies
  case  事例,事实,事情  This is a case of poor judgment.
  cast  投,扔,抛,撒,掷  cast doubt(s) on the feasibility of a scheme
  casual  偶然的,无计划的,随便的,非正式的  a casual meeting
  cease  停止,终止,结束  The music ceased suddenly.
  character  (事物的)性质,特质  The furniture in Tom’s apartment was pretentious and without character.
  charge  要(价),收(费)  The airlines charge half price for students.
  charm  魅力,魔力  This thriving resort town has retained its village charm.
  chase  追逐,追求  The police chased the escaping thief and caught him at last.
  check  使突然停止,制止  check one’s steps


  cherish  珍爱,珍视  cherish one’s native land
  chew  嚼,咀嚼  He chewed a mouthful of meat.
  choke  窒息,噎住  be choked by smoke
  chorus  合唱队
  chronic  (疾病)慢性的,(人)久病的  chronic indigestion
  clarity  澄清,阐明  clarify an issue
  cling  粘着  The frightened child clung to her mother.
  clumsy  笨拙的  a clumsy boy
  cluster  (果实,花等的)串,束,簇; (人或物)的群,组  a cluster of tourists
  clutch  紧抓,紧握  clutch at an opportunity


  coherent  一致的,协调的  lack coherent political goals
  coincide  相符,相一致  100 Centigrade coincides with 212 Fahrenheit.
  collaborate  (尤指在文艺、科学等方面)合作,协作  He and I collaborated in writing plays.
  collapse  倒坍,崩溃,瓦解  The roof collapsed under the weight of the snow.
  collide  碰撞,互撞  The car collided with the truck.
  commemorate  纪念,庆祝  commemorate a holiday
  commend  表扬,称赞  commend a soldier for bravery
  compact  紧密的,坚实的  a compact piece of luggage


  compare  比较,对照(with, to)  compare the body to a finely tuned machine
  compatible  能和睦相处的,合的来的  You should choose a roommate more compatible to your tastes.
  compile  汇编,编制  compile an anthology of poems
  comply  遵从,顺从,服从  comply with rules(safety regulations)
  compose  组成,构成  England, Scotland, and Wales compose the island of Great Britain.
  compress  压缩  He compresses a lifetime as a soldier into a few sentences
  comprise  包含,包括  The shipyard comprises three docks.
  compromise  妥协,折衷  compromise over the hard-fought next.
  compulsory  必须做的,义务的  a compulsory subject
  conceal  隐藏,隐瞒,隐蔽  He concealed his disappointment from his friends.


  conceive  构想出,设想  conceive an idea
  concentrate  集中,专心  concentrate one’s attention
  condemn  谴责  We all condemn cruelty to children.
  condense  (使)压缩,(使)凝结,使简洁  condense a speech to half
  confine  限制,使局限  They succeeded in confining the fire to a small area.
  conform  遵照,适应  confirm to(或with) the rules(the law)
  confront  (使)面临,(使)遭遇  The war confronted him with hardships.
  conscious  意识到的,自觉地  They were conscious that he disapproved.
  consent  同意,赞同,准许  The people will never consent to another war.


  conserve  保护,保藏,保存  conserve natural resources
  consider  考虑,细想  Consider carefully before doing anything.
  consist  组成,构成(of)  The house consists of six rooms.
  consolidate  巩固,加强  consolidate one’s position
  conspicuous  显眼的,明显的,引人瞩目的  He felt as conspicuous as if he had stood on a stage.
  constitute  组成,构成  constitute a threat to sb.
  consult  请教,与......商量  consult a doctor about one’s illness
  consume 消费,花费: consume much of one’s time in reading
  contact  接触,联系,交往: be in contact with sb
  contain 包括,容纳, a list containing twelve items


  contaminate弄脏,污染,玷污,毒害: Fumes contaminate the air
  contempt轻视,轻蔑:show a contempt for sb
  contest竞赛,比赛,竞争:the contest between the two powers for the control of the region
  contract合同,契约:enter into(make)a contact with
  contradict反驳,同….相矛盾,同….相抵触:The facts contradict his theory
  contrary相反的,对抗的:take the contrary view
  contrast对照,对比,(对比之下显出的)差异:the contrast between the two forms of government
  contribute捐(款等),捐献:He contributed 5dollars to the charity every payday
  contrive设计,想出:contrive a new method
  controversy(尤之以文字形式进行的争论),辨证:a point of controversy


  convention(正式)会议,(定期)大会:draft a new constitution at a convention
  convert转变,转化:convert coal to (into) pipeline gas
  convey运送,输送,传送:a wire conveys an electric current
  convict(经审讯)证明…有罪,宣判…有罪:He was convicted of smuggling
  coordinate调节,协调:coordinate the functions of government agencies
  cordial热情友好的,热诚的,真心的:a cordial hello(smile, invitation)
  correspond相符合相称(to,with):Fulfillment seldom corresponds to anticipation
  correspondent通信者,通讯员,记者:a good(bad)correspondent
  corresponding符合的,一致的:corresponding fingerprints


  corrode(渐渐)损害,(一点一点地)损伤:Bribery corrodes the confidence that must exist between buyer and seller
  corrupt堕落的,腐败的,贪赃舞弊的:lead a corrupt life
  count数,计算: count the money
  course课程,科目:an English course
  courtesy 谦恭有礼。有礼的举止(或)言辞:come in without courtesy
  crucial 决定性的,关键性的:a crucial decision
  cultivate耕作,栽培,养殖:cultivate vegetables







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