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Any man who has dated Asian girls who live in the United States, has witnessed the wrath, jealously and prejudice of American women towards Asian girls.

The stereotypical has some merit: American women can’t compete against the Asians sexuality, American women feel threatened and some American women simply think Asians are stealing their men. These all bear some truth.

If we frequent a typical American club, I have had my dates threaten by American women in the restroom. In time, Asian clubs sprung up in the United States. At an Asian club, American women are welcome. I have never seen an American lady being threatened by Asians in a typical Asian club. It just isn’t their nature. The crowds in these clubs are usually Asian girls and American men.

They met in the Philippines, got married, and came to the United States with their military husband. Consequently, you’ll meet Asian girls in clubs who are married. If you mingle with Asian girls that frequent the clubs for any length of time, you will eventually meet ladies who are unfaithful.

This unfaithfulness is how Filipina girls are branded as whores by American women. This doesn’t carry the same stigma for American women who may do the same. Hypocrisy is always evident when behaviors of the two cultures are compared.

Asian dating sites have sprung up all over the internet. Some of these sites try to exploit the Asians sexuality. However, there are many Asian girls who want to meet a sincere gentleman for a relationship.

As attractive as Asian girls may be, American men are also captivated by the Asians behavior towards men. A man’s dream of having a wife who wants to please him, appreciates his love and treasures his efforts in making a home seems to have been found by American men in the Asian culture.

You’ll hear American men call these values traditional values because at one time these were the values that held the American family together.

In turn, these men are happy, want to provide for their wife and have no desire to look elsewhere for this appreciation.

It’s chemistry that once prevailed many years ago in the United States and has been lost in the myriad of women rights in American society.

Why do Filipina women want to marry a foreigner from another country? I’m not going to argue the fact that these ladies want a better life. It’s probably true.

I will argue that most women, no matter the country, want to marry in to a better life. Again, it is the hypocrisy of which you are that makes a behavior negative or not. Most women, in the United States, need to look in a mirror before judging ladies from other cultures. Besides wanting a better life, most Asian ladies want better treatment.

Here in the United States, most men come to expect a lady isn’t required to serve him, to want to please him, and love him for who he is. When an Asian girl does, his appreciation is certain.

For an Asian lady, the man doesn’t have to be super rich or look like a movie star, just treat her well and show his love. It’s a merry-go-round with respect and love as its focal point. She wants to please him, he loves her for pleasing him, and she loves him for showing he appreciates her love and so on.

All the above words, statements and my observations have their exceptions. There is no doubt; there are bad men in every country. There is no doubt that some women only are in it for the money or to get a free pass to the United States.

If a few instances define the standards, then just getting a marriage license in the United States should have a warning imprinted in gold. No matter if a couple met through the internet or at the neighborhood church, you have your share of scandals and mistreatment.

The last culture of experts that needs to be giving advice about how to meet and marry a woman is the United States “is there any other country whose divorce rate is higher?

The Philippines and Far Eastern countries do not condone online dating sites. For that matter, it is against the law. I’m not going to quote their law here, but it has to do with moral issues. Again hypocrisy!

I started this article to comment on why a lot of American women despise Asian girls. Not all American women, but a lot. But the discrimination doesn’t stop there. It is evident in the media, politics and indeed in their own country.

The people, who are forgotten, are the couples themselves. Why not just ask them? If two people who found each other are happy, in love and want to be together, why the media and politician think does they know better. Take your hatred, your narrow minded views and negative publicity elsewhere and let us find love “even if we find it on the internet.



如果我们时常出入美国俱乐部,亚洲女孩就可能会在卫生间被美国女人恐吓,我女朋友就有过此经历。与此同时,亚洲俱乐部在美国兴起。在亚洲俱乐部,美国女人 也是受欢迎的,在亚洲俱乐部,我从来没有见过一个美国女人被亚洲女孩恐吓的现象。亚洲人的天性并不会这样做。在这些俱乐部的人,通常都是些亚洲女孩和美国 男人。


正因为不忠,菲律宾女孩被美国女人烙上娼妓的烙印。而如果这种情况发生在美国女人身上,她们便不必承受此骂名。 两种行为文化一对比,伪善就显露出来了。






为什么菲律宾女人想嫁给异国的人呢?对于“这些女人想过得好一些”之说,我不想去争论这点。或许这是事实。我所要争论的是,大多数女人,无论来自哪个国家 都想嫁出去,过更好的生活。其次,不论你是否把问题看得消极,你都是伪善的。在美国的大多数女人,在论断其他国家的女士时需要先反省一下。除了想拥有更好 的生活外,大多数亚洲女士想要更好的待遇。








人啊,他们已然忘记,自己也是成对的。为什么不问问他们呢?如果两个人觉得他们在一起能开心,并且相爱,希望在一起,为什么媒体和政治家觉得他们会比当事 人更了解呢。把你的敌意,狭隘的思想观念和消极的公众价值观通通都收起来吧,让我们找到真爱,即使是在网上寻求的爱。
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