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  Fellow tourists, fellow gentlemen, young lady, a group laborious, welcome you to come Baotu Spring to visit a park enjoys the spring.
  Our park beginning constructed in 1956, because in had Baotu Spring to acquire fame. Presently occupies the town center, is located west the source avenue the head. Around Baotu Spring was multitudinous, has formed the Baotu Spring group. The famous gold thread spring, rinses the jade spring, Ma Paoquan, lies Niu Quan, emperor Hua Quan, the willow catkin spring, the old gold thread spring, washes the earthen bowl spring, the spring, the screw spring, Man Jingquan, the non- sorrow spring, the white clouds spring, looks the spring, east Gao Quan, ascends the state spring, the Dukang liquor spring, mixes , Long Chiquan, the white dragon brand bay and so on, constituted head of the four big springs groups. Has become the spring city unique symbol crown of Baotu Spring as numerous springs.
  Our Baotu Spring park take the view spring, enjoys the fish, judges tea, Shan Shi, the culture as a characteristic, by small and exquisite, step moves the scenery differently, clean lonesome and quiet, is plain elegantly is famous. The entire garden altogether plan is ten scenic areas, this is the Baotu Spring scenic area, three main halls scenic area, the hall scenic area, rinses the jade spring scenic area, the east gate , the maple tree brook scenic area, the dark blue garden scenic area, Bai Xuelou the area, Nanmen, ten thousand bamboo plantations scenic areas, the total area nearly hundred Chinese acres.
  The Baotu Spring scenic area west leans in our park, is the entire garden composition center, by the pavilion, the hall, the porch, the pavilion was composed a seal space, the height scattered about construction has liked the numerous stars to hold the month to be same, is crowding around Baotu Spring which spurted suddenly leaps wells up, the people were allowed to appreciate the spring scenery from the different angle, by the reputation source of for the Luoshui river, first time appears in the history book is 《 Spring and Autumn Period 》 on and aids about Lu Huan Gong assists a male negotiations both countries boundary matter the record. Lu Huan male 17 years (695 B.C.)。 Qi Guo and Lu Guoyin the boundary dispute has the war, next year spring, Lu Huan male will arrive in full the country negotiations boundary problem, will gather together in full the marquis (Qi Xianggong) to , Luoshui river's source, namely Baotu Spring. Therefore the Baotu Spring manner knew already has 2500, 600 years history. Source of when the natural at that time Luoshui river, the name certainly is not called Baotu Spring, Northern Wei Dynasty, because on the spring constructs has the E ginger (England) the temple, Gu Cheng the E ginger (England) the water, was called Baotu Spring Tang Song eight great writers of the Tang dynasty of Northern Song Dynasty writer Zeng Gongshi until, and spreads until now. But, the Song Dynasty. Jin Dynasty once had the person to be called “the hot spring”, “the threshold spring”, “to explode ”, “the waterfall ” and so on, but all was inferior to Baotu Spring this name was expressive.
  Baotu Spring, is concurrent, the sound like hides the thunder, “on the springhead exerts”, “Shui Yongre the wheel” called “ suddenly soars”. “Fog Run steams” is a Baotu Spring scenery. The water seepage throughout the year constantly about 18 degrees centigrade, to the severe winter morning, on the water surface the moisture curled the rise, looks like a thin smoke, at the same time is profound, the wave light is clear, at the same time is the pavilion colored drawing on pottery, the magnificently decorated building, all these with the light mist, constitute a marvelous world fairyland The unusual landscape for Jinan one of eight scenery, the all previous dynasties renowned writer, the philosopher, the poet has praises. Such as Song Dynasty Zeng Gong, Su Shi, Jin Dynasty Yuan Hao asked that, Yuan Daizhao Meng Fu, Zhang Yanghao, the Ming Dynasty Wang Shouren, Qing Dynasty Wang Shizhen, the loose age, He Shaoji and so on all has recites the spring excellent work. Kanghsi, the Qian Long emperor imperial capital once composed a poem nearby Baotu Spring carves, praises the famous spring, contemporary literary giant Guo Moruo and so on also all has the praise the belle-lettre.
  Between Baotu Spring thing this north and south to the bridge, the name said the crane bridge, originally is the wooden bridge, the the Ming Dynasty at the beginning of Wanli constructs, the day opens the last years to repair, after Jinan liberates expands when the park it rebuilds for the stone bridge. South the bridge the head colored drawing on pottery wooden memorial arch is the original appearance, the memorial arch inscribed horizontal tablet faces south on engraves “the dwelling place of Buddhist immortals luck place” at the same time; Towards the north is at the same time “ the old mark”, “” refers to the fable Middle East sea god mountain Penglai, the abbot, the sea state three gods mountains, why Baotu Spring calls “ the old mark”? Italy for the east sea god mountain fable, nobody has only seen, but Baotu Spring's three water its as if mountain, but cannot climb, resembles in the myth Penglai to be ordinary, therefore called it is “ the old mark”. west the side enters in the water the cabin to call the view billows pavilion, this pavilion constructs at clearly faces upwards along five years (1,461), until now some more than 500 years history, west the pavilion on the wall has inlaid two steles which engraves, at the same place “the view billows” two large brush-written Chinese characters, takes from 《 Mencius 》 “The view water has the technique with all one's heart, must observe its billows”, for the Ming Dynasty calligrapher Zhang Qin's ink marks. Another one “first spring” the carved stone, is the Qing Dynasty Wang Zhonglin writing skill. East the pavilion center this partly immerses the stele, on carves three vigorous large brush-written Chinese characters: Baotu Spring, writes for the Ming Dynasty Shandong governor Hu Zuanzong, the careful tourist has possibly can discover suddenly turned “suddenly”, lacked two points, three water which the fable column welled up has gone against “the cover”, only then causes “suddenly” the character to turn present this appearance, certainly this only was described the spring was strong, people's one kind of daydream. the Nanan passes the window is the liberation constructs after the poolside pavilion porch, in recent years became “the idle time literati to be able to be superior” the stage which the Peking opera celebrities performed. East Baotu Spring north shore the pond, according to Shui Erzhuo, the window bright several only constructions is the famous Penglai teahouse, also the name looked the crane pavilion teahouse, Qing Dynasty writer Shi Runzhang once writes the poetry to say: “Yang Er sees the mountain blue, bends down sees the spring to be clean, the pure running water dredges its source? Dives the flood dragon to leave the hibernation of insects, flies the rainbow to wind ”. Explained this place in was at that time looks out into the distance, bows the head stares, watches understands far and near America's of the scenery excellent region. It is said same year Kanghsi, the Qian Long two emperors imperial capitals once sat in meditation in here near the water, drink tea enjoy the spring, understood Baotu Spring the graceful bearing. After tastes to the Baotu Spring water, unexpectedly south will patrol takes along drinks the Beijing jade water seepage completely to trade for Baotu Spring's water, therefore will have “the favor spring tea taste really”, will not drink Baotu Spring the water, spatially will lose saying of the Jinan tour. North shore the Baotu Spring pond main hall calls “ the source hall”, tightly suffers the source hall two main halls, the general designation , also calls “Lu Xianci”, “Lu Gongci”, “Lu Zuge”.
  These three main halls facing south, in the identical axle wire, from becomes the courtyard, is group of bigger ancient architectural complexes. Before the liberation, the first main hall offers sacrifice to of a Lu Dongbin Taoism Eight Immortals, was called “Lu Zuge”, the second main hall offers sacrifice to Lu Dongbin's teacher Chungli power, was called “the clock ”, the upper formation offers sacrifice , the third main hall fights the female palace. The most south main hall source hall, three two, rest the mountain upturned eave, antique, on the column wood engraving couplets hung in front of a hall, “fog Run steams China not to pour, the mighty waves acoustic shock Ming Dynasty lake” is Zhao Meng Fu swims the spring sentence, writes by contemporary renowned calligrapher Mr. Jin Rong. A main hall beginning constructs in the Northern Song Dynasty bright rather year, south the palace near Luoshui river's source, therefore calls “ the source hall”, north the palace facing the experience mountain therefore called “the experience mountain hall”, after the liberation restores is “ the source hall”. The tourists saw among this palace is called E the English ancestral hall, the E England ancestral hall is commemorative big Shun's two imperial concubines E Huang and female England constructs, according to 《 Water Classic note >> record: “The Luoshui river valley says Ejiang Shui. By the springhead E England ancestral hall therefore also ”sufficiently proved constructed in 1500 ago has this ancestral hall. The present ancestral hall is the Ming Dynasty constructs. Behind the E England ancestral hall “three temples” are the Qing Dynasty construct. Of the grate passes the wall is mounting 30 sides carved stone in the courtyard all is the bright peaceful and orderly times celebrity swims the spring excellent work, in the courtyard this stele, “” two characters, after 《 write Baotu Spring to do again 》 stem from hand of Kanghsi and the Qian Long, two emperors write poetry in the identical stele preface, in domestic is extremely rare, these inscribed texts, the carved stone cultural relic not only has high watches the value, also studies the water seepage rare historical data.
  Tourist comrades, here is the hall scenic area. the hall originally is “the gold thread academy” (also a academy), acquires fame by the gold thread spring, the Tongzhi nine years, the Shandong governor is valuable constructs the academy, the handwritten letter volume “ the hall”, is “the justice and humanity” the meaning. After the hall supposes room shed dozens of, the entrance is writing “ the lecture hall”. Hereafter, changes “the school gentleman hall” one after another, “pedagogically transmits the institute”, “saves the ancient hall”, specially raises the imperial civil service examination talented person's organization. Outside the courtyard three rills surround, the spring water depth sound of flowing water, along the room covered walkway, causes the entire courtyard to reveal opens has shades, is noisy has static. North primarily constructs, behind has , the Japanese banana covers. West the porch Chinese ilex grove, complements the path, forms the green porch. In the courtyard the famous stone “waits the month peak” to be the Song Dynasty mt. shoushan Gen trigram mountain relic, the above covers entirely passes the hole, whenever the bright moon in the sky, the moonlight passed through the cavern, sprinkles nearby the pond in the water, the landscape is unusual, therefore has the poem to approve chants: “The demon jade exquisite, the god labor clever axe becomes quite the same as, turn of 36 turn of months, fluctuate all in this stone”. (Bamboo stone porch) in the hall courtyard transplants the michelia alba, the early spring flower opens, fragrant greets the nostrils, the people also are called as this courtyard “the yulan magnolia courtyard”.
  Rinses the jade spring scenic area and the hall scenic area is neighboring. high nearly 4 meters, heavy approximately 8 tons too , tall and straight undisguised, vein obvious, the texture is concave-convex, has the merit which wrinkles, l, passes, the name is called the turtle the stone, is thing of the Yuan generation of famous family Zhang Yanghao. Do not despise this stone, it is the important cultural relic, the present phoenix, the dragon, the large male deer are called in a big way four , is a famous stone which only preserves, is extremely precious, is called stone of the town city, mays be called the spring city first stone. The fable will take a souvenir photo under this rubble stone might be in good health. This side name Shi Liyu between this dark green loose green bamboo, if a three-dimensional scenery. Northern side turtle stone place the rockery constructs at the 60's, the spring brook surrounds, the mountain path coils, the blue shade, the climb up looks may as soon as look at inside and outside the garden the scenery. Rinses the jade spring is everybody saw this assumes the rectangle, four walls parapets all have white marble Shi Qicheng, pure white mild, is limpid obviously. You looked that, water seepage from cliff flat and smooth overflow, as if the crystal curtain curtain, passes through the quarry stone which a piece converges slanting to splash, in a lively way jubilantly flows swiftly into in this side far 20 meter ponds, its bang-bang, sound if rinses the jade, when hands down the Song Dynasty famous female excellent poet Li Qingzhao housing, frequently dresses up nearby the spring. Rinses the jade spring opposite this national style the small courtyard, is for commemorates “the Li Qingzhao memorial hall” which Li Qingzhao constructs. This is in rinses nearby the jade spring according to the Li Qingzhao former dwelling the historical record, according to national style 60's constructions. In the courtyard by the main hall brook pavilion, folds the green jade porch, the winding corridor, the front door constitution, the high peak towers, complements, the entire courtyard appears simply is quiet and beautiful. The gate tower, the main hall, welcome around the gate screen to inscribe for the contemporary literary giant Guo Moruo people. In the main hall couplets hung in front of a hall “nearby the Ming Dynasty lakeside Baotu Spring the former dwelling in the weeping simon poplar deep place, after rinses the jade centralism inscription on stone tablet and bronze to record the literary talent has the host customs handed down from the past” the antithetical couplet to manifest the Guo Moruo master's literary talent. The courtyard Rho calf phlegm 20 side carved stone ink marks stem from Qi Gong, Jiang Weisong and so on hand of the famous calligrapher. The memorial hall main hall, welcomes the Li Qingzhao whole body cast which the gate towers, for person and so on renowned sculptor Wang Zhaoshan creates. In the hall exhibits the Li Qingzhao life story, each kind of edition work and the painter-calligrapher the calligraphy and painting which do for the memorial hall extremely precious is rare. Rinses the jade spring scenic area famous spring to be multitudinous, flies except the century flows rinses the jade spring, but also has the spring city fly the willow catkin spring, the thousand years mysterious gold thread spring, plain like mirror emperor China spring, Shui Shengsheng sentiment Ma Paoquan and so on many springs. You looked that, natural talent bright archery target Li Qingzhao isn't precisely the exquisite environment and crystal clear transparent water seepage breeding which this spring struggle flows becomes
  In the east gate construction has used many “the construction sketch”. Using bonds the scenery technique, welcomes the gate to fold the mountain, avoids being cover all, the mountain height 4 meters, the width 13 meters, the length 30 meters, with overpowering momentum, the blue strip throws over holds, the pine and cypress stores the gorge. After the mountain the brook surrounds, in the mountain the hole gully is profound. The tourist may @ circle the mountain to go through a hole enters the south side scenery open and bright maple tree brook area. The maple tree brook open is long, amounts to 120 meters. The prospect for to the island pavilion, center Jing Weiqu the bridge, the prospect is the rockery, after the mountain falls the waterfall, both banks plants the flowers and trees long, the depth of field.
  Southeast Baotu Spring's dark blue garden, was in 1956 for commemorates the the Ming Dynasty during fine clear year Jinan's renowned poet, also was “latter seven” Li Panlong (sea) constructs, because it called self a sea bucket, therefore was the dark blue garden, the altogether three halls two courtyards, surrounded, bend the porch to encircle, in the garden planted has the rare and exotic plants, the exhibition has each kind of bonsai, if in the winter, the dark green pine, the Chimonathus Praecox were in full bloom, was just like a three-dimensional three cold-resistant friends of winter chart. The dark blue garden, in supposes Wang Xue the Tao picture, Wang Xue Tao is the contemporary renowned painter, small is enjoyable, with Pan Tianshou, Li Kuchan and so on shares the honor, in the exhibition room is collecting 200 valuable things posthumous works, watches for a long time for the tourist.
  Bai Xuelou west the scenic area near the non- sorrow spring, east depends on the maple tree brook island, south along is new , Bai Xuelou is located the scenic area center. Original Bai Xuelou is the the Ming Dynasty during during ten thousand years constructs, the building is five two, facing south, front the mansion, falls to the ground woodenly , at first called “the experience mountain academy”, “the white snow academy” until fine celebrates for eight years, in the building underneath the eave has “Bai Xuelou” the inscribed horizontal tablet. The Guangxu Dynasty, corrects the source in this housing Jiaozhou person has carved “the Li sea in the gate place above first ” the inscribed horizontal tablet. After the houses lives for Li Xing, expands time the park is demolished. Bai Xuelou is Li Panlong studying place. Li Panlong (1514-1570), the character to the scale, the number sea scholar, the Licheng person, is the the Ming Dynasty renowned writer, in the Chinese history of literature one of latter seven children, is revered is “Zong Gong great master”, is luxuriant is a generation of respected writer. The initiative literature restores the old the movement, writes many has been splendid five, seven-character lyushi and the jueju poem, the person “is 300 years ”, is having 《 sea gentleman the collection 》, after tests the successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations to go to Shaanxi no matter what according to observes Si Tixue vice- to cause. Jiajing 35 years, because the opinion does not gather with governor Yin Zhongcheng, resigns returns to the east, latter according to observes Si Fushi for Zhejiang, transfers the Henan surveillance commissioner, died to the official. Bai Xuelou the scenic area covered the shade, the terrain has open become Baotu Spring's recreation center, every day melodious, the zheng was intermittent, the specialized theatrical troupe offered the program for the tourist which they carefully created, listened to Qu Guanquan an appeal.
  The Baotu Spring south gate 1,575 square meters, the thing length 47.5 meters, the north and south deep 13 meters, the main gate height 8.4 meters, the design are novel, the ancient and modern union, the modelling uniquely has the traditional style and the place characteristic, the flavor full decorated second gate, matches to rests Shan Goulian to do the leather tower , gate tower upturned eave, around Dan column, double keel wing to wing. Red column, green tile, abundant ancient Italy. The stone step, the railing, the platform elegant are grave. Front the gate the pond total length 29 meters, the width 9 meters, in the pond spit Shui Tuyu, the man-made eruptive fountain bead splashes the jade. Inside and outside the front door in the face volume , “Baotu Spring” Jin Zibian the sign takes from Kanghsi, the Qian Long original handwriting, the gate inside “ the source gate” character of the collection Wang Hsi-Chih. front “spurts bead filings jade Shui Lanfan, full Lu Yuqi three-way confrontation” the couplets hung in front of a hall select from Qian Long's prose handwriting. Entire construction space insightful, the garden scenery revealed, the scenery blends, the streamline links up, welcomes on the gate rockery the red maple tree, , the pine, the green bamboo and the front door serves as contrast to increase the splendor, exquisite is harmonious, the concerned expert recognized, the Baotu Spring south gate mays be called Chinese botanical garden first. Is a Jinan important landscape.
  Ten thousand bamboo plantations are in Baotu Spring's garden the garden, is located west the park the neighbour, is an environment quiet and beautiful, the scenery pleasant botanical garden beautiful scenery, its 18 Chinese acres, by 13 different courtyards compositions, garden inside and outside have the white clouds, the white dragon brand, east are high, look the water, ascend the state, Dukang liquor Zhu Mingquan, is an alone style private landscape. Names of beginning ten thousand bamboo plantations sees to Yuan Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty prosperously celebrates for four years (1,570) Prime Minister Yin Shidan to return to native place Jinan, occupies ten thousand bamboo plantations to change name for “passes the paradise”, other name “in Sichuan lecture hall”, Qing Dynasty Kangxi Dynasty, Jinan renowned poet Wang Pinggou this garden, also changes name as “24 springs thatched houses”, takes in the garden to look the spring to occupy the Jinan 24 meaning. To the Republic of China first year, warlord Zhang Huaizhi occupied this garden, has been through repeatedly for several years to construct Fang Cheng today the scale, in 1984 official foreign opening, in 1986, the famous traditional Chinese painting master Li Kuchan memorial hall was located in the garden, Li Kuchan collected the calligraphy and painting, the cultural relic and myself work altogether 400 long-term displays, watched for the tourist, ten thousand bamboo plantations also called Li Kuchan the memorial hall. Ten thousand bamboo plantations are composed by four parts, first, east, west three gardens end products glyph arrangement, in the north central courtyard foundation, kneaded together the Chiangnan classical botanical garden characteristic and the style, using the wall, the porch, the brook, the bridge and so on carries on the division to the space, constituted layer upon layer courtyard. This garden existing 186 between houses, various courtyards all in an axle wire, bend the porch to surround, courtyard courtyard connected, building, hall, pavilion irregular, Liang, and so on place the colored drawing on pottery and the carving character, the birds and beasts wonderful workmanship, exquisite are lifelike. Entered the gate rockery for the end of the Qing the beginning of people the relic, ten thousand bamboo plantations take the bamboo as the main keys, the assorted precious flowers and trees were many, like yulan magnolia courtyard, pomegranate courtyard, hypericum courtyard, Chinese flowering quince courtyard and so on. Ten thousand bamboo plantations are a rare botanical garden, in 1993 is received 《 the Chinese tradition common people residence atlas 》, it regardless of from botanical garden art, or said from the historical relics, all is a precious cultural heritage.







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