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  Fellow friends, Mount Wuyi's each big hotel all is located in the Mount Wuyi country traveling vacation area, approximately needs 20 minutes travelling schedules from the vacation area to the star village wharf. First I briefly introduce next nine surveys: center the scenery wonderfully take Mount Wuyi as first, military soul in nine . This origin southwest the Mount Wuyi arteries prominent peak -- Huanggang the foothill brook, clear steeps the clear sparkling jade-like stone, passed through the Mount Wuyi scenic area after the star villages and small towns by the west to the east, graceful water, the booklet is nine tunes, therefore acquires fame. Nine area are 8.5 square kilometers, the span approximately 9.5 kilometers. Shan Xieshui the extension, Shui Raoshan the line, each tune all has the different view landscape painting Italy. The tourist rides the width approximately 2 meters, the long approximately 9 meters, left the womb from the ancient times small boat, flushed the wave which came to strike the wave under, not only could understand the appeal which was shocking but not dangerous, moreover four sides not obstructed not blocks, gains ground obviously the mountain scenery, bowed the head can enjoy the water color, cocked the ears may listen to the brook sound, put out a hand to be able the angle pure running water. The ancient swims nine, is from Wu Yigong according to by a tune adverse current but on. Since honors the tung oil tree (wooden) the road to clear (peacefully), the tourist is goes downstream from nine tunes to a tune, like this drifts with the current, floating leads the way, livelier, is rapid.
  Fellow friends, the left side picture is nine wharves. I briefly introduced rides some matters needing attention: First, rides according to six people, everybody freely unifies; After second, on please do not have to strive to be the first the dedication, the attention horizontally steps on two bamboos. In order to avoid falls Shui Zhong; Third, marches forward, must obey the raft labor direction, please do not have to stand at will from the chair the photography, do not have in on to take a walk at will.
  Fellow friends, presently floating lead the way area nine flat countries. Right flank this Shan Yuyun is uneven, calls Qi Yunfeng, because takes the form of the flame, therefore is named the flame mountain. The folklore, under ancient time flame mountain roaring flame Chang Shishan this village fire, countrymen suffers a natural disaster , is compelled to reconstruct the new room, thereupon this village then has “the new village” title. Latter ascends the sky for saves the life, then sends the military ten people to descend to earth executes the magic arts to chisel Jiang Dunxi in front of the mountain, from this time on the village is peaceful, prospers day after day, the lamplights of ten thousand families just like the space spot stars. From this time on the village changes name as “the star village”.
  Left side this mountain peak is called the dolomite, the other name spirit peak. The dolomite heavy crag peak folds, gorgeously cloud border, whenever before dawn, the common white clouds flutter in the crag halfway long-drawn-out, suddenly gathers suddenly disperses, the analysis and synthesis does not decide, therefore famous dolomite. In the dolomite presently loses has several remnant walls delapidated walls, is the white clouds hut former site. On the hut after wall, some grotto, calls the white clouds hole. Our country develops states King Wu of Zhou to cut down the handyman in buddhist temple tall Yin principle which business the ancient times novel “Feng-Shen-Yan-Yi” center mentioned, once in this tutelage, called self was the Mount Wuyi white clouds hole “”. Latter because assists Jiang Ziya to have the merit, is sealed “swims the god for the night”. Crag northern side has a grotto, the person “extremely ”. It enters danger of the hole way, it may be said military first. About here all is a precipice, intermural only has horizontally , is enters the hole the only way. The people certainly must bend down the body to crawl, the hands and feet and uses, can climb over the crag seam center. When the bright Wanli 44 years (in 1616), our country ancient times renowned traveller Xu Xiake for the first time entered the Fujian Mount Wuyi, once partly underwent its boundary, and in vividly has recorded this thrilling course in “the Mount Wuyi Diary”: “Yu Congbi the line, later on gradually will lower, wall danger, then but ; Lower slenderer, then the snake bends down. To transferring place, about only hangs seven inches, on the extravagant ruler five, the outer wall is deep ten thousand. -odd crawls, chest back touches, its danger. The crag fruit level folds, has the pitching chisel to the center, wants to clear the way but not.” Stands in the dolomite summit, south looks nine upstream, the level ground fertile plain, suddenly sees the light, some world. Southern Song Dynasty renowned Zhu Xi “nine tunes are broadminded the poor eye, the mulberry hemp rain and dew sees the flat country” the verse, the description is area this scenery.
  drives the shoal, right side this mountain peak famous immortal crag [ chart ], asks everybody to pay attention looked, on the crag this megalith does like a palm-leaf fan. The close neighbor immortal crag these three mountain peaks, the middle picture does not like a ball, two side mountain peaks just like two male lions, the popular name “the Double Lion brand play ball”. Right side the brook this crag point leg is thin, carries on the back covers entirely, the flowering shrubs, the popular name “the peacock spreads the tail the stone”.
  Crosses under the immortal crag foot the Baisha deep pool, the beginning enters nine tunes. The dolomite takes the form of the drum mountain peak in left side this place, calls the drum sub- peak. In front of the peak this precipice because takes the form of the black gauze cap crag. vanguard, review crag. the vanguard, the review crag also takes the form of the pen rack, subsequently sees three stones to establish separately, elephant “” character, therefore calling rhododendron obtusum. Left side of the rhododendron obtusum is the jade pendant crag, on the crag has a megalith to like a cat, is stretching out to throw oneself in front of the food that block “the pig liver”. The shoal, everybody looked side this megalith, likes does not plant like the water buffalo in the water, only reveals jiao, the popular name “the bull stone”, under the stone the deep deep pool calls the bull the deep pool. Crosses the bull deep pool, right side the shore these two likes in the together megalith rubs the pillar, thus is named rubs the pillar crag. When Southern Song Dynasty Prime Minister Li Gangyou nine , calls it the size granary stone. Rubs pillar crag opposite shore opposite shore this megalith to like the person surface, the eye nose is all clearly discernible, left side the eye is opening the eyes, right side the eye is shutting, is named the person . The person right side these two megaliths , front a stone goes against the bare picture not to like the buddhist priest, behind a statue does not like the nun hat, the local common people play is called “the buddhist priest to carry the nun”. Hands down buddhist priest which Mount Wuyi has a good intention, sees the nun to want the brook to rub the pillar crag to rub the soybean milk to eat to “the young lad” has the difficulty, on own initiative proposes the back nun brook. This although has disobeys the Buddhism discipline, one side but takes pleasure in serving others the spirit or deeply deeply has moved the person which is located. Sees this scene, said is not, did not say is not, has “to open the eyes an eye, shuts an eye” to settle. The raft shoal, has turned curved curved then to enter eight tunes.
  Eight tunes, clamp brook both banks, the high peak link arch, the grotesquely-shaped jagged rocks, as if the animal, usually has “the aquatic zoo” the name. The brook left has lies the lion to smile the monkey, about the terrapin stone [, the cat stone, the fish knocks the stone, the sea stone; The brook right has the trunk crag, the white horse with a black mane camelback and so on, lifelike, lifelike. About on, under terrapin stone, but also spreads such section of moving stories: The fable Southern Song Dynasty pure bright 10 years (in 1184), Zhu Xi resigned from office returns to Mount Wuyi, lived clear is hiding under the crag nearby the tea hole to write books the lecture. A day dusk, Zhu Xi is treating the all over the sky sunset glow to recite the poetic composition tax, suddenly listens to the gate unauthorized biography: “Gentleman, gentleman.” Summon. Zhu Xi leaves the gate as soon as to look that, only sees outside the tea hole to walk with a smile a facial expression solemn girl, then asked: “Who are you, where does the family live, why reaches this point?” The girl replies: “I am surnamed Hu, the name am called Li the mother, the family to live five tunes rivers opposite. Because admires gentleman's scholarship, comes purposely does obeisance you is the teacher.” Zhu Xi sees the female solemn knowledge ritual, also studies cherished, has given shelter to her. From this time on, the Li mother in all weather, every day evening all arrives Zhu Xi's studio. She read the four books and five classics, has written the massive prose for Zhu Xi. Li mother's scholarship, full of affection, made Zhu Xi to feel warm and was happy. A day evening, Zhu Xi the ferry spot meets the ferry in five Qu Pinglin the Ukraine old man couple. The Ukraine old man said to Zhu Xi that, “Looked you looked pale, decide are come under a spell. You may know who each is late to your studio female is? She is Mount Wuyi's seductress. Wants to seek your scholarship, seizes your inherited jade bowl!” “!” Zhu Xi unable to restrain to be surprised, in the heart straight wonders: Can in good condition proper female, how be “If you do not believe, might as well treats when she is resting, has a look to have the double jade from hers nostril to stretch out.” After goes home, Zhu Xi heart like mess, as soon as links two night not to be able to go to sleep, the Li mother attentive is accompanying. To the third night, the Li mother has been really sleepy extremely, bent down on the desk is resting. Four weather, Zhu Xi hits sleepily to wake, luminous startled stays immediately by at present a piece. Pair of deep green transparent jade has really extended from the Li mother's nostril. In he hurries, bumped fell the jade , dodged a fox's shadow, as soon as shook disappears. The Li mother wakes, a sense day hangs the extension, painfully said: “Gentleman, I am the Mount Wuyi practice millennium seductress. Because admires gentleman's scholarship, knew gentleman is lonely, only then each late fords accompanies. But unexpectedly the even forest ferry man's, that pair injures someone the turtle essence, wants to seek gentleman the jade bowl and the Li mother's jade , once sparred with me to lose, is censured ferries in the there. They stab on the slander, provoke the right and wrong, forces both of us to separate. Gentleman! Now the Li mother jade leaves the body, the millennium magical skill broken, I should die to the south snout moth peace in.” Said, the tears flow of tears, is loath to part from each other with Zhu Xi. Suddenly airborne bang has rolled a stuffy thunder, flashes through a pair of shadow in a tornado, the Li mother busily points at outside the window shadow to shout: “Gentleman, they have destroyed the Li mother, breaks up between us the friendship!” Zhu Xi was mad clenches jaws, the whole body hits trembles, takes up the red ink brush on to throw toward the window outside, only sees the red ink brush to like the arrow which burns straight to this pair of shadow to puncture. Two ferries men presently leave the turtle primary form immediately, hurries crawls to five tunes upstream, but crawls to eight tunes sails upstream nearby the lion, again also, turned a pair of stone turtle. Asks everybody to pay attention looked, side this place spans the great crag, called the drumtower crag, the rock does like a young lad to worship on bended knees. After the crag has the ganoderma lucidum peak. Has a rock in the peak halfway to like the view world sound Bodhisattva, this scenery is called “the young lad to do obeisance the Goddess of Mercy”. Front said with everybody that, the nun rubs the soybean milk, is eats for this young lad. After is located the ganoderma lucidum peak the compound two peaks to like a pair of gigantic breast, the popular name “the pair ”. After some foreign child watches the pair naively to say that, If mother's breast also has such in a big way, under that day child did not worry did not have the milk to eat.
  The boat rapids cotton rose beach, is seven tunes. Right side brook this mountain peak, four sides the cliff, just like towers in the water palatial stone wall, the popular name “the city high crag”. Its halfway has the gate obviously, that is climbs city Gao Yan the only stone diameter. On the crag the link bunch, Man Podi is green. Constructs at the beginning at the Ming Dynasty's city high hut former site. Under the crag deep pool, the name sets free a captured animal the deep pool. The Southern Song Dynasty held straight the first year (in 1234) Dragon Boat Festival's, in the mountain the taoist priest once receives orders in this erects an altar the pray, put in the live fish deep pool. Since then nine forbids to catch fish, along becomes the custom.
  Under the raft the otter controls the beach, then entered six tunes, Zhu Quwei this tune travelling schedule has been shortest, however day You Fengnai “military first paradise”. Southern Song Dynasty renowned Zhu Xi inscribes a poem approves the road: “Six Qu Cangping circles the blue bay, the cogon grass tribulus covers the firewood pass all day long. The guest relies on the crag flower to fall, the ape bird not startled traces of spring are idle.” The raft to six tunes, first maps everybody view this like knife to cut the dike which the axe divides, exposes to the sun the cloth crag. The myth fable is barefoots the immortal to dry in the sun exposes to the sun the silks wadding, exposes to the sun cloth crag Gao Youkuo, also puts down the danger, the width approximately 800 meters, the height 200 meters, resembles a giant screen, separates the Mount Wuyi scenic area for brook north. On the dike has Song, Yuan, is bright the topic which, the clear all previous dynasties famous litterateur stays behind to engrave 20, Zhu Xi “the deceased in this way” [ chart ] the topic engraves, was in more than 400 place carved stone which up to now in the Mount Wuyi scenic area could identify earliest. Because the here topic engraves much also is elegant, therefore frequently brings in many laymen to reach this point makes remarks, watches. Their high, low, is noisy noisy sometimes also adds on the passing labor the folk song and the worker's chant, both adds to the fun to the tourist, and for comments the numerous gentlemen to add bothersomely. The time has been long, these growths in nine rafts labor, all surprised discovery, regardless of the folk song or the worker's chant, or shouts to the song, all can initiate the intermittent spatial valley echo, incurs to from nearly to the far continuously voice, really is only wonderful only Xiao. Some writer literatis then give this this commonplace great crag has taken “the sound crag” the elegant name. In front of the sound crag this megalith is called the item fish stone, everybody looked its shape, does like a fresh full item fish.
  The raft excessively old elegant beach, is five tunes. Zhu Quwei five tunes topography . Left side this mountain peak is hides the screen peak, under the peak has the military lecture hall which Song Dynasty profound scholar Zhu Xi personally founds. Right flank this mountain peak is late to the peak, on the peak cliff engraves has purifies oneself hand of the Qian Long foremost person in the field Ma Yizhai “the south principle hole” four fully to have three meters square the large brush-written Chinese characters. According to the expert, scholar's findings, south the road the principle hole general idea is: Song Yuanfeng four years (in 1081), minzhong school first ancestor You Zuo and Yang Shi goes to Henan Ying prosperously (now Xu Chang) to do obeisance big Cheng Haowei together teacher. Two people to Cheng Jiashi, exactly meets venerable to sit in repose with eyes closed, two people do not dare to alarm, sets up outside the gate. When the value deep winter the season, snow falling thickly, treats when venerable wakes, outside the gate the snow has reached -odd, therefore has left behind “Cheng Menli the snow” charming story. Two people sincerely acknowledged as teacher the spirit which studied deeply deeply to move venerable, venerable have then done utmost teach these two students. When to study becomes, Cheng Haosong the utmost street intersection, is looking the back which they gradually goes far away, happily said: South “I say”. You Zuo and Yang after Shihui the Fujian disseminates Cheng Neo-Confucianism vigorously, emerges Luo Cong Yan, minzhong school one after another and so on Li Dong, Zhu Xi first virtuously. Zhu Xi, this Neo-Confucianism collection accomplishing, personally founds the military lecture hall in Mount Wuyi to gather in particular the audiences to lecture reaches for ten years long time, trained the large quantities of Neo-Confucianism talented person, like Cai Yuan decided, swims nine words, Huang Gan, really German Xiu and so on. He has completed the representative works which the collection Neo-Confucianism accomplishes - “Confucian analects and ”Mencius “. The Southern Song Dynasty time, area the Mount Wuyi five tunes the academy stands in great numbers, besides the military lecture hall, also has one after another swims nine words ”Shui Zhiliao“. Cai Shen ” the book hall“, Cai Yuan ”chants turns over to the hall“, Xu several ”is static may the book hall“, Xiong He ”Hong Yuanshu hall“ and so on. Mount Wuyi just like becomes south the motherland the Neo-Confucianism research center, thus is called Mount Wuyi ”the south principle hole“ is appropriatelies.
  Everybody please looked that, front right side these two mountain peaks, is the Dan stove crag, is the immortal mark crag. Former because quite likes in the fable 太上 old Mr. to build up the Dan stove to acquire fame; On latter precipice has two round quarries, hands down is military immortal worships on bended knees the knee nest which the emperor too grandmother on mother's side stays behind, therefore also names ”the immortal knee crag“. Nearby the brook these two grottos, calls the granary, calls the salty warehouse. Again proceeds, throws oneself into view this mountain peak is the Tienchu peak, the popular name ”the wine pot peak“. The fable in a Yao Chi on, Li Tieguai disdains ”the immortal liquor“ which bestows to the queen mother of the west, actually the end leaves a world to ask for the rice wine from the Mount Wuyi mountain common people, gurgle gurgle greatly drinks. Did not expect that, the mellow strongly fragrant liquor is fragrant in all directions, the numerous immortals then in abundance discard ”the immortal liquor“, snatches drinks the iron to turn Li's military rice wine. The iron turns Li to see the liquor is referred to snatches up under, as soon as is mad, then lifts the walking stick to strike to the wine pot, the liquor Pakistan world then without bias and without favor falls in changes clothes side nine side. Asks everybody to pay attention looked that, its halfway has the stick mark which suffers strikes. Is changes clothes including Tienchu peak this precipice. Hands down the military immortal Wei prince to raise high is changes clothes in this to ascend the Tienchu peak to become an immortal, therefore. Mounts changes clothes, five tunes sceneries as soon as look at the row to lose.
  Five tunes bridges, the right booklet, then has entered four tunes. South the brook this stretch of spacious flat land, is the Yuan generation of imperial imperial tea garden ruins. Mount Wuyi produces the tea history to be glorious. According to ”the Chong An County annals“ records: After Tang Zhen first year between (785-805 year) area Mount Wuyi had steams bakes grinds models Cheng Tuanzhuang ”to grind the paste“ the tea manufacture, this then is earliest Wu Yiyan the tea. Song Dynasty big writer Su Dongpo in chants in the tea poem to approve the road: ”Nearby Wu Yixi a millet grain of bud, first Ding Houcai favors finely.“ Wu Yiyan tea paying tribute, beginning to Song Dynasty. The color, the fragrance, taste complete Wu Yiyan the tea pays tribute, receives immediately faces about the courtyard the affection. For enormously enjoys Wu Yiyan the tea. Yuan Dade six years (in 1302) then issued an order to organize Wu Yiyu the tea garden. According to ”the Mount Wuyi Will“ records, when the imperial tea garden is newly established, once prevailed for a time. In the garden the architectural composition is front in the kind phoenix gate, center has does obeisance sends the palace, the state of mind hall. All around has thinks respects the pavilion, bakes the fragrant pavilion, Yan Jiating, the suitable lonesome pavilion, floats the light pavilion and so on. In addition, but also has the blue over-bridge and passes the immortal well. The imperial tea garden supposes field official 2 to be responsible to manage, hands over 360 catties every year. Peaceful decided for five years (in 1328), Chong'an County (presently is the Mount Wuyi city, similarly hereinafter) county magistrate Zhang Duanben about respectively constructed a tea plantation to the garden. To was suitable for three years (in 1332), the Jianning main pipe dark all punctured in passes nearby the immortal well to build a catwalk, the height five feet, side ten feet six feet, named ”shouted mountain“. On has the pavilion, named ”shouts the spring pavilion“. Institute it is said every year ”Insects Awaken“ this day, the Chong An county magistrate all must grand quarry a mountain the ceremony in this hold. When the county magistrate burns incense at a temple to worship on bended knees, after reads the memorial ceremony oration, calls the gold to beat a drum, also shouts loudly: ”The tea germinated! The tea germinates the person!“ Has held the ceremony, will quarry a mountain to pick the tea in future. Wu Yiyan tea paying tribute, the tea farmer brings the grave disaster for Mount Wuyi. The tea garden government official for completes delivers the tribute volume, then carries on to the tea farmer knocks presses out extorts. The tea farmer is unable to withstand it painstakingly, is compelled to become a fugitive in all directions. To the bright Jiajing 36 years (in 1557), this has more than 250 years historical the imperial tea garden then quilt to abandon, only leaves behind a saliva taste sweetly to pass the immortal well.
  Separates the shore relative this ferry spot with the imperial tea garden, is the even forest crosses. This is in the ancient time the cloud nest, day You Feng must pass through the ferry spot. On the ferry spot cliff engraves has ”Pang male drinking tea place“ and ”accepts“ these two sections of interesting topics to engrave. Pang Gong is the Ming Dynasty Fujian constructs the state , namely present local special commissioner. A day this area highest chief executive wears poor clothing so as to be inconspicious privately visits reaches this point, sees the Buddhist priest to be busy to the tea is entertaining a guest, is too busy to think of greets him. He has waited for the very long only then tea, thereupon wrote ”has favored male drinking tea place“ to put on the table. Afterwards the Buddhist priest will realize has neglected , will hurry ”Pang male having drunk tea place“ to engrave on the cliff, side adds on ”accepts“ indicates the apology. has not suspended the rack to fool the person to give people a hard time, the buddhist priest is neither arrogant nor servile, each other understood. The ferry spot leans against a stone, on the stone splits a bottle, is similar to the sharp sword to divide. Hands down is Wu Yikong crane immortal tries the sword place, therefore ”tries the sword stone“. The brook passed through tries the sword stone, obviously on the stone has the cliff, the arched cliff, , the cavern, several bamboo poles green bamboo hang down to the water surface, whirls while the raft among, seems in nine in wanders is same, therefore person ”small nine tunes“.
  The excessively small nine tunes, after inscribe a poem the crag, front this place rises steeply Wan Ren mountain peak for the Tibet peak. Behind that calls the crane peak, handed down once has the white crane to fly in circles the collection, face upwarded the long cry of a crane to acquire fame. The Tibet peak spans the number rope made of twisted bamboo strips. The summit of a mountain like eave, the crag slides the drop to fall in the water, bites thump the rap water surface, whether everybody did feel has like the delightful interesting to listen to qin sound. Raft its under, but sense ”the date noon blows the cold wind, is dark if the evening“, does not know everybody whether or not this kind of feeling. Asks everybody to gain ground looked that, the Tibet peak half wall has two caverns, , is not really far. On for the chicken nest crag, in the hole a group straw, did not know when puts this, until now records spoiled is immortal; Next is the golden rooster hole. The peak has the ultra real pavilion, the immortal , now already waste bridge. Asks everybody to sit steadily, now under our raft this deep pool, the name lies Longtan, the depth reaches more than 30 rice, is nine in deepest puddles. About this deep deep pool origin, has section of soul-stirring fables. Before hands down in is very early, in this deep pool once an ambush wicked dragon, it often is leading eight young Long to make threatening gestures, to pursue plays, stirs gloomily, the mountain stream is in flood. One day, immortal way this place, sees the wicked dragon unseemly behavior, then draws out the treasured sword, dies 8 wicked Long Zhan in the deep pool, only some young Long begs, asks favor with hardship, is willing to change evilly reforms, immortal then leaves behind it, assigns it to protect in this blesses Mount Wuyi. From this time on, this deep pool then had ”has lain Longtan“ the name. If has the reason, goes sightseeing everybody to Mount Wuyi when perhaps also may see young Long goes to travel scene. In Monkey the small white dragon brand sets aside the water surface the lens is photographs in here. Calls the immortal fishing platform with the Tibet peak relative this precipice. Asks everybody to pay attention looked that, the dike halfway is distanced not far two Shi Xili, is inserting three immortal wooden equipment plants poles, hands down is Jiang Taigong's fishing pole.
  From lies Longtan to lead the way, crosses the immortal to swim the crag, then entered three tunes. Nearby the immortal fishing platform this mountain peak is the immortal swims the crag. Tightly is suffering immortal You Yan is rises the peak. Three tunes this beaches are called Lei Ketan, in front of the beach this precipice famous cotton thread crag. Behind the cotton thread crag this independent peak crag, calls to rise Japan the peak. Early morning the peak , the color is every day gorgeous, therefore ”rises Japan“ front moves, everybody turns head again looked this mountain peak, does like an ape-man, therefore calls ”the ape-man stone“.
  Right side the brook this steep mountain peak, is the small Tibet peak, the other name immortal ship crag, the ship field crag. Asks everybody to pay attention looked that, the small Tibet peak thousand sought certainly criss-crossed network inserts many planks, on the plank has put is taking the form of the small boat coffin. Half in the crack, partly hangs in the air, the wind and rain does not destroy. The native calls it ”the rainbow“ and ”the gully ship coffin“. Inspects after the archaeology worker, so-called ”the gully ship coffin“ was the ancient times lives together area this Fujian more race buries the vulgar relic. The ship coffin contour divides into two kinds: A kind is two like shapes; A kind of square shape its as if box, popular name ”letter“. So-called ”rainbow plank bridge“, also is uses for the support ship coffin or erects the plank road the plank. After the carbon 14 determinations, puts up the gully ship coffin lasted already in more than 3,800 years. According to the historical records record, the Fujian more person usually lives together in the ravine between, the custom to the sink, is good at with the boat. Therefore reflected to the ideology in, the ship was considered is the most precious thing; Does with ”the ship“ buries has, is extremely grand. But used on the sheer precipices and overhanging rocks the cave to hide the coffin at first very to be possible was for avoids encountering wild animal's attack and bystander's harm, long became a custom through usage, forms one kind to bury the system, by this expression to dead's respect. Can ask perhaps in the home that, more than 3,000 years ago are extremely low in the productive forces, in the production tool very backward situation, how is the Fujian more person puts a ship coffin places in the sheer precipices and overhanging rocks grotto? Yes! This question has had many explanations, but until now still has not untied, still is confuses.
  Under the raft Lei Ketan, is three tunes. Front this shape as if column, stands upright the tall and straight several ten feet mountain peaks, is the beautiful woman peak [ chart ]. The beautiful woman peak is the Mount Wuyi scenic area most famous landscape, is symbol which Fujian travels. Renowned writer Liu Baiyu ”Praises in Wu Yi“ center writes: ”I once looked up to on Yangtze River the goddess peak but disconsolate, I once fixed one's gaze on stone Lin Zhongdi Ashima to sigh with regret, but I thought east Mount Wuyi's beautiful woman peak indeed was is much more beautiful, it not only graceful, moreover facial expression elegant, when we floated, I also repeatedly reviewed, it caused to think I silently watched in the Paris Louvre museum am kind, joyful, the perfect person and life free dignified yearning for which Venus that time I in the heart raised.“ ”Two Qu Tingting the beautiful woman peak, the flower arrangement accommodates near Shui Weishui?“ The beautiful woman peak and a male tune greatly Wang Feng separates the brook to face one another, looks like a pair of lover. Left side this mountain peak called ”the sheet iron “, spans between two peaks, looks like intentionally interdicts obstructs. Perhaps is lodges the sentiment to the scenery, here is spreading section of moving folk tales. Hands down very early before, Mount Wuyi is a flood routing, the place which the wild animal appears and disappears. The common people go through many places the gully, not thought lives. One day, has come a young fellow from the distant place, witnessed this tragic circumstances, then lead everybody to level off hilltops , dredges the river course. After the unremitting endeavor, has finally kept under control the flood. The river course which dredges is today nine , digs out the sand and crushed stone, then piled has become 36 peaks, 99 crags. Once, the space beautiful woman goes to travel when goes via Mount Wuyi, by Mount Wuyi's beautiful scene is charmed. Thereupon she then secretly descends to earth keeps world, and has fallen in love with this industrious brave young fellow. Unfortunately this matter was known by the sheet iron ghost that, he creates difficulties from within, densely accuses this matter Jade Emperor. Jade Emperor is angry, then issues an order to apprehend the beautiful woman to return to heaven, the beautiful woman from, certainly do not tie with this young fellow for the husbands and wives. Jade Emperor helpless, has to select them turns into the stone, separates in nine both banks. The sheet iron ghost for flatters Jade Emperor, also turns a big stone, inserts among them, day and night monitors their motion, they have to depend on the nationality mirror stand, each other tearful eyes face one another.
  Under the beautiful woman peak, is the bath fragrant deep pool which deep green clear steeps, hands down is a place which the beautiful woman bathes. In the deep pool has an upright megalith, on has” two characters, hands down this is the big king gives the beautiful woman to present a gift the faith token. Right flank the beautiful woman peak this precipice called “curbs a horse the crag”. On has “the mirror stand” two characters, five ten feet square. The typeface neat is pretty, outside several miles all sees, is in the Mount Wuyi scenic area the biggest carved stone.
  The raft sheet iron , is a tune. The sheet iron under, stands near the brook, a high divisor ten feet this megalith calls “ the stone”. Whenever the cloudless day evening, the sunset setting sun reflects on the dike, the clear deep green brook surface can reflect it that defined inverted image. On the stone the topic engraves like the forest, especially by the Ming Dynasty anti- dwarf great soldier Qi Jiguang “real man already Nanjing , lunch Peking Hu capture. The yellow crown , the time swims again this ”the topic engraves famously. After stone this mountain peak is to has “the immortal gully king” the name greatly Wang Feng. Right side this strange stone is towering, as if the male lion's mountain peak calls “the lion peak”.
  “The mountain scenery water altogether water color, carries a ship to turn over to”. Fellow friends, nine tourist itinerary reach this point the conclusion, thanks everybody. Next as soon as will stand I to lead everybody to tour Wu Yigong the scenic area.
  各位朋友,武夷山的各大酒店均在武夷山国家旅游度假区,位于大约需要20分钟,从旅游度假区附表,明星村码头。首先,我简要介绍一下接下来的九个调查:奇妙的风景中心以第一,军魂九个武夷山。这个原点西南动脉武夷山主峰 - 皇岗山脚小溪,清澈的波光粼粼的玉石般的石头,通过武夷山风景区通过后的明星村及由东,西水优美的小城镇明确沏,这本小册子是九曲调,因此得名。九面积为8.5平方公里,全长约9.5公里。单Xieshui扩展,水绕山行,每一个曲调都有着不同的看法山水画意大利。该游客乘坐宽约2米,长约9米,古代遗留下来的小船子宫,冲洗的浪潮下,来到了罢工浪潮,不仅能明白这是令人震惊的上诉,但并不危险,而且四面不妨碍不块,明显抬头山景,低头可以享受水的颜色,竖起耳朵可以听溪声,伸手能角清流。古老的游九,由一首曲子是根据逆流而上,从邬一巩。由于荣誉的桐油树(木)之路,清除(和平),游客进入下游九曲调,一首曲子,比如在当前这种漂移,浮动领导方式,活泼,迅速。
  八曲调,夹溪两岸,高峰链接拱,险怪形嶙峋,仿佛是动物,素有“水上动物园”之称。小河与左派微笑,坐落于狮子,猴子对鳖石[,猫儿石,鱼敲石头,海石,溪水权主干岩,用黑色的鬃毛卡默尔巴克白马等上,栩栩如生,惟妙惟肖。关于上,下龟石,而且传播了这样一段感人的故事:传说南宋纯亮10年(1184),朱熹从办公室返回辞职,武夷山,明确的是住在附近的岩藏茶孔写书演讲。一天黄昏,朱熹是治疗满天的晚霞背诵诗歌创作税,突然听着门外传:“君子,绅士。”召唤。朱熹为叶门一看,只是在外面走茶孔面带微笑的面部表情严肃的女孩看到,然后问:“你是谁,家人住在什么地方,为什么达到这一点呢?”这个女孩回答说:“我姓虎,我的名字叫李宇春的母亲,家庭生活五河对面因为欣赏音乐绅士的奖学金,来故意拜你为老师。”。朱熹认为知识女性庄严的仪式,还学习珍惜,给了她的住所。从这时起,在所有天气李妈妈,每天晚上都来到朱熹的画室。她读四书五经,写了大量散文朱熹。李妈妈的奖学金,多情,使朱熹感到温暖,很高兴。一天晚上,渡口朱熹在五曲符合坪林乌克兰老头夫妇渡轮。乌克兰老人说,朱熹说:“看你脸色苍白,决定下一个法术来了。你可能知道谁每个晚你的工作室的女性呢?她是武夷山的勾引。想要得到你的奖学金,抓住你的继承玉碗!” “!”朱熹不禁感到惊讶,心里直奇迹:在良好的条件可适当女性,如何是“如果你不相信,还不如把她休息时,有看有玉从她的双鼻孔伸出。”回家后,朱熹的心像混乱,只要连接两个晚上为不能去睡觉,细心的李妈妈陪同。到了第三天晚上,李妈妈一直很困极了,弯腰在桌子上休息。四天气,朱熹睡梦中醒来点击,发光立即震惊停留在目前的一块。深绿色透明翡翠对有真正延伸从李妈妈的鼻孔。在他赶到,撞跌玉,躲过了狐狸的影子,只要摇摇消失。李妈妈醒来,从某种意义上说天垂延长,痛苦地说:。“绅士,我是武夷山实践千年勾引因为钦佩绅士的奖学金,知道君子是孤独的,只有每个月底福兹伴随不料偶数森林渡轮。人的,这对害人的乌龟精,想寻求绅士的玉钵和李妈妈的玉石,一旦与我对打失去,是在那里谴责渡轮。挥舞的诽谤,挑起是非,力我们俩分开。绅士!现在的李妈妈玉叶身,千年神奇技能坏了,我应该吻死蛾,南和平英寸”说着,眼泪流的眼泪,就是不愿从每朱熹的其他部分。空中突然一声雷鸣已经推出一闷,通过阴影龙卷风对闪烁,李妈妈忙着点,窗外的阴影喊:“先生们,他们已经摧毁了李的母亲,打破了我们之间的友谊!”朱熹是下巴狂紧握,全身颤抖着打,占据了红墨水刷上扔向着窗外,只见红墨水刷燃烧的箭一样笔直的这一阴影穿刺对。目前两名男子离开渡轮龟的主要形式,立即赶紧爬上游五曲调,但曲调抓取到八帆上游附近的狮子,也再一次,翻了一对石龟。请大家注意看,这里边的大跨度岩,被称为鼓楼岩,岩石确实像一个年轻的小伙子就跪拜祭祀。岩后有灵芝峰。在山顶有一个中途认为世界喜欢观世音菩萨石,山水,被称为“年轻的小伙子做拜观音”。前面说过,人人如此,修女磨豆浆,对于这个年轻的小伙子吃。位于后灵芝峰复合双山峰像一个巨大的乳房对,俗称“对”。一些外国孩子看后,两人天真地说,如果母亲的乳房也有这样大张旗鼓地在这一天孩子不担心没有足够的牛奶吃。
  木筏过旧优雅的海滩,是五曲调。诸区委五曲调地形。左边这座山的高峰,是隐藏在屏幕的高峰,在高峰期有军事演讲大厅,宋深刻的学者朱熹亲自创立。这个山峰右侧是晚高峰山顶悬崖上刻,有净化自己的钱龙在外地马Yizhai状元之手“的原则,南洞”四个完全有三米多的大毛笔书写中文字符。据专家,学者的调查结果,南道的原则洞总体思路是:宋元丰四年(在1081年),闽中学校始祖游酢和杨实去河南英旺(现许差嗯)拜大程豪威共同的老师。两个人程嘉实多,正好满足老坐在封闭的眼睛休息,两个人不敢报警,设置在大门外了。当值隆冬季节,降雪厚,待醒来时,可敬,门外的积雪已经达到多,因此已经落后“郑Menli大雪”迷人的故事了。两个人真诚的,老师承认,研究的精神,深深地移动古老,最古老的有教,于是做了这两个学生。当研究而成,程Haosong极为路口,期待他们后面慢慢去远,高兴地说:南“我说。”游酢,杨福建传播后,施慧程理学大力,涌现罗葱燕,闽中学校后等李侗,朱熹一个又一个第一合乎道德。朱熹,这个新儒学的收集完成,亲自开创了武夷山军事演讲大厅的观众聚集在特别演讲达到了十年时间长,培养了新儒学的大量人才,像蔡淤俺决定,游泳九个字,黄干,真德秀等。他已经完成了它的收集道学完成的代表作 - 。“论语和”孟子“的南宋时期,武夷山区的五个音乐学院林立,除了军事报告厅,也有一个纷纷游九个字”水Zhiliao“。蔡奢嗯”书堂“,蔡源”咏归堂“,许几个”是静态的,可能书堂“,熊他”香港Yuanshu堂“等。武夷山南一样成为祖国的宋明理学研究中心,因而被称为武夷山”南原则洞“是appropriatelies。
  根据筏雷科贪,是三曲调。前此形状犹如列,直立挺拔的几个十英尺的山峰,美丽的女人是高峰[图]。美女峰是武夷山风景区最有名的景观,是福建旅游的象征。著名作家刘白羽”赞美的吴仪“中心写道:”我曾经看着就长江女神的高峰,但惆怅,我一旦确定一对石遴中涤阿诗玛目光投向遗憾地叹息,但我认为东部武夷山的美丽女子峰的确是更加美丽的,它不仅优美,而且面部表情优雅,当我们飘来,我也多次审查,认为它造成我默默地在巴黎卢浮宫博物馆看了很亲切,快乐,完美的人与生活向往自由而有尊严的金星,当时我在心里提高。“ ”两曲婷婷美女峰,插花容纳?近水渭水“美女峰,男调大大汪风隔溪相望另外,像一对情侣的样子。







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