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The Internet has changed a lot of things within the business world, including business correspondence. here once traditional, formal business letters were normal, quick business e-mails now rule the day. The ease and informality of the Internet often makes it seem we can write business e-mails poorly and get away with it; yet, it’s actually the contrary. Because e-mail is so accessible, people receive that much more of it and disregard anything less than perfect. Your business e-mails must stand out from the junk. The following tips will help you to create concise, engaging business e-mails for any purpose.



The human eye reacts differently to a computer screen than a piece of paper, so how you format your e-mail is vital. Use short, succinct sentences that get to the point immediately; remember, your goal here is to dispense important information, so give that to the reader right up front. Always include a greeting and a signature, and use as many line and paragraph breaks as possible; this makes the e-mail easier to read. And resist the urge to write a book. Business e-mails are better off short; the equivalent of a page or so is sufficient.




For better or worse, the Internet breeds a nasty habit of informality. It’s okay to be slightly informal with your e-mail (people tend to expect it lately), but don’t write as if you’re talking to your mother or best friend. You need to strike a balance between traditional formality and e-mail informality. Think about your recipient and how they’d most likely write an e-mail. What words would they use? Would slang or jargon offend your readers? Use these considerations to create a concise, customized e-mail.




Informality, whatever its root, does not excuse grammatical errors, and these can damage your e-mail. Grammatical errors show that you didn’t put much time into your business e-mail and you probably don’t care much about your message. Go through your e-mail carefully to make sure you have spelled correctly, and you have fixed all grammar and punctuation mistakes. Remove all redundancies and get rid of any clichés. Recipients, especially professional business people, will appreciate your attention to details and they will respond better to your message when no errors exist in your e-mail.




Since e-mail is an immediate medium, and a highly accessible one at that, it’s far easier than in paper letters to request a response – and far more likely that you’ll get one! Before signing off with your signature, be clear about what you want the recipient to do. Need a response via phone or with certain information attached? Say so! Your recipient will have a difficult time responding if they have no idea what you want from them. But remember: be polite when requesting action. There’s little worse than an overly forward or pushy ending.


电邮是即时媒体, 也因此是一个高度普及的媒体。和纸质邮件相比,通过电邮要求对方回复更便捷—而且,你更有可能收到回复!在落款之前,一定要清楚你期望收件人做什么。需要电话回复还是附上特定的信息? 说出来! 如果收件人不知道你想要什么,他们答复你的时候就会很费神。但要记住:要求回复时一定要客气。几乎没有什么比在邮件结束时过度催促或强求更糟糕了。




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